From 1950s to Present Day:
Officina Fiandri S.r.l. was founded by Celestino Fiandri in 1950, a former employee of Officine Alfieri Maserati-Auto who worked until 1963 in the field of sports cars building aluminum bodies and chassis on racing cars, including:

Maserati A6 GCS/53 1953-1955
Maserati 150S 1955-1957
Maserati 200S 1955-1957

At the beginning of the 60s Officina Fiandri S.r.l began the industrial reconversion, entering the ENVIRONMENT sector with the production of containers for waste collection of various types, constantly following the evolution of different collection systems.
The great success of the entrepreneurial turning point has led Officina Fiandri S.r.l to grow in terms of workers but also of production area, in fact from the historic headquarters in Via Emilia Est (Modena), in 2014 a new plant is inaugurated in Via Giorgio Perlasca 146 (Modena)
A production complex of 15,000 square meters – of which 5,000 square meters totally covered. In September 2021, on the same industrial land, the innovative “GREEN PLANT” was inaugurated.
The new facility is totally powered by solar panels to minimize the environmental impact, because Officina Fiandri S.r.l. Vision of sustainability is not an abstract concept but a concrete solution.